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10,000 Acres Of Social Distancing

Isn't It Time To Get Outside?

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"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

Take Your Family Horseback Riding

If your gang is getting a little stir crazy, why not take them horseback riding? It’s easy, fun, and 100% legal!

Under Florida’s Safer-at-Home Guidance, you are encouraged to exercise outside. So, if doing wind sprints in the backyard isn’t your family’s idea of fun, maybe you can sell them on a fun trail ride!

We guide small groups of 2-6 rider on one to two-hour trail rides in a beautiful nature preserve located off just I-75 about half way between Tampa and Naples.

No experience required. Our horses are super well-trained so your kids (ages 8 and up) will have no trouble keeping up.

Bring a picnic basket! There are picnic tables at the preserve and you’re sure to work up an appetite during your ride.

Social distancing won’t be a problem because we have approximately 10,000 pristine acres of nature and over 60 miles of trails to explore. But don’t worry about getting lost. We’ve been guiding trail rides at this preserve every year since the trails opened in 2007.

Our wonderful horses are mostly rescues and they range in size from cute little ponies to great big half-draft horses.

Our employees, like our horses, are known for their excellent manners and integrity.

We're Rated as the Best Horseback Riding in Florida

Peaceful Horseback Riding Through Florida

I booked this trip for my mom's 71st birthday. She grew up on a farm and mentioned wanting to ride a horse again. It had been over 50 years but Jimmy made the experience awesome. Banjo my mom's horse was a totally gem, I got Rowdy who loved to trot. We saw an alligator and deer but the best part was experiencing the tranquil preserve. Jimmy is a great story teller and we will definitely be back to do the Beach Horses experience.

– Shiela J. on TripAdvisor
The Perfect Way to Decompress

What an amazing afternoon we experienced riding at the DPCP, with Jimmy as our sagely trail guide. He provided us with fascinating history and then would allow a comfortable silence to fall over our group. We could hear the occasional snuffling of wild boars in the woods and saw armadillos foraging for grubs. Alibi, Cici, and Boss Hoss were all beautiful and gentle trail horses.

– Debbie L. on TripAdvisor
Bucket List

This is DEFINITELY a Bucket List item TO DO! I rode Big Hoss on my ride and he was wonderful! BIG HORSE...hence the name Big Hoss. My daughter rode Naomi, who was also wonderful! The guides are listen to them. It is an hour of amazement and physical's not just a walk on the beach! But it was the most fulfilling and spiritual activity I have ever done.

– Julie S. on Facebook
Well Cared For & Friendly

5+ STARS!!! Absolutely an awesome experience! These horses are well cared for and friendly. My boyfriend had never even been on a horse, and he loved it! This is a stand-up company, worth supporting. Loved the beach/swimming experience!

– Rebecca C. on Facebook
Best horseback riding experience!

We were in Florida for the holidays and thought this would be a nice Christmas gift for ourselves. This was awesome! Great people and great horses, where else can you go horseback riding on swimming horses? I am the rider in our family and used to compete. My husband and I both have raised and worked with horses extensively and this was just something completely different to do.

– Shelli B. on TripAdvisor