Frequently Asked Questions

What is HorseSurfing?

HorseSurfing™ is standing on a horse. People have been standing on horses for a long as they’ve been riding, but we made it a sport. Okay, it’s not a real sport yet, but it is a lot of fun!

The cool thing about HorseSurfing™ is that, by doing it in the water rather than on dry land, you have a nice soft place to land when (not if) you fall.

Horses are wiggly and slippery when wet. And when they start to walk it is very difficult to keep your balance. Almost everyone falls in the water and it always turns into a friendly competition to see who can stay up longest.

Please do not attempt this at home.

Our guides will teach you how to HorseSurf™ in a way that is safer for you and your horse.

There are restrictions. We only allow children and adults weighing under 150 lbs to try HorseSurfing™. That’s to protect our horses who could be injured by a heavy person standing on the wrong spot.

HorseSurfing™ is totally optional and not everyone does it. But it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so most people end up giving it a try. And, if nothing else, it’s a fantastic photo op.

We allow kids as young as 3 to ride with us and even a 3-year-old can HorseSurf™! HorseSurfing™ is a unique way to experience your first date, marriage proposal, wedding, or anniversary. So bring your camera! There’s one in every family!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions: Please call us at 1 (941) 907-7272 or send us an email.