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  • Great for Kids
  • Limited Availability

The Thrill Ride

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Quick Details

We provide a guide 1:1 for each customer. So, anyone who needs special attention gets it.


A Palma Sola Bay Ride Like No Other

This ride compares to no other. It is literally the only ride of its kind in the world, and we have been doing this ride since 2008. Experience riding a horse on the beach and in the saltwater at Palma Sola Bay. You have an opportunity to ride a horse that is actually swimming, and our instructors — one for each customer — teach you some fun activities in the water.

What makes this ride so special?

  • Includes riding on a beach
  • Available for almost everyone
  • Authentic local experience
  • Most fun, memorable, and exciting
  • Fantastic photo ops

This ride is scheduled at very specific times to coincide with low tide. This is how we alone can guarantee that you have a beach to ride on. Don’t worry. We’ve already done the research.

The Thrill Ride is available to a wide variety of riders. Because we have 27 highly trained horses and an instructor for each customer, we can accommodate very young children (3+), seniors, riders with disabilities, and very heavy riders (up to 300 lbs).

Our horses are mostly rescued horses. We only use Certified Beach Horses — trained by us — who enjoy being in the water. We prefer horses that are well-bred and professionally trained, but we are not limited to a single breed of horse. We are not horse breeders.

Each person gets a customized experience. It is fantastic for first-timers because of the attention we can give each customer and because everyone has the option of riding bareback in the water. The opportunity to ride bareback is extremely unusual and it is a great way to get used to being around horses.

Experienced (trained) riders can have an advanced ride that is appropriate for their capabilities. We have riders of all levels, from first-time riders to international champions, so don’t worry if you know how to ride. We treat you with the respect you have earned.

Locals have been riding horses at Palma Sola Bay since the 1950s. It’s a Bradenton tradition, and folks love seeing the horses as they drive out to Anna Maria Island. All the “stupid human tricks” we teach you are authentic Old Florida activities.

Join us and book your thrill ride today!