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Private Ride

Quick Details

Private Ride 1 to 6 Riders

A Private Horseback Ride Designed Just for You

For this ride, we customize your experience to meet your particular wants and needs. If you want more flexibility, privacy, security, and attention to detail, a private ride is the perfect option.

What You Get

We provide you with up to six hand-picked horses according to your specifications. We have horses for all levels of riders, from first-time riders to advanced competitors. We have 27 horses ranging in size from pony to half-draft.

You have up to four hours to ride. You can ride one horse or all six. We allow you as much time as you need within your four-hour reservation window to ride to your heart’s content. (Note: Each horse is limited to only the level of work and amount of exercise time that is safe and appropriate for each horse.)

Special Options

  • Pick-up and drop-off limousine service at your airport or hotel
  • Flexible scheduling — Your horses are reserved for four hours, so you can arrive at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Advanced horses — If you are an experienced/trained rider, you can ride an advanced horse and canter in the water!
  • Four hours of onsite still photography and drone video coverage and editing services
  • Luxury motorcoach with a private bathroom
  • Additional private security

Book your private ride today!